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Focus and Scope

The Journal of Natural Resources and Development (JNRD) is part of the international network CNRD, Center for Natural Resources and Development, which was created to involve different universities of the world in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations. Key topics related to the MDGs are poverty reduction and safe food supplies, social and cultural development, access to basic resources and shelter. JNRD comes to be a tool to reach the MDGs.

Journal of Natural Resources and Development is an international, peer-reviewed, open access and free scientific electronic journal, which publishes papers from all areas related to natural resources and aims to be a source of knowledge for transdisciplinary professionals in the area of the natural resources.

The scope points to be an interface between humans and natural resources, so the main 4 areas are:

• Integrated water resources management,
• Land use dynamics and biodiversity,
• Energy efficiency and renewable resources,
• Regional management and sustainable livelihoods of the poor,

For more information about the journal scope, please visit HERE

Our journal provides an effective way to publish research and review articles, short communications and case studies. Also book reviews and commentaries are welcomed (more info HERE). The articles will be managed electronically, examined by a scientific committee and anonymous evaluators and published every months in HTML and PDF formats.

The journal will maintain the essential characteristics of scientific publications: to have an Editorial Board that evaluates the quality of the article contents, to reflect the state of the art in sciences provided that they make an important contribution to the wealth of knowledge in the subject. The electronic media allows us to overcome the deficiencies of paper editions in terms of its immediateness and the incorporation of multimedia and hypertext.